1500 Pcs Lot in Box Hair Scissor Repair Parts Kit Accessories

Hair Scissor Repair Parts Kit

1500 Pcs Lot in Box Hair Scissor Repair Parts Kit Accessories


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Hair Scissor Repair Parts Kit Accessories

Don’t replace your hair scissors, repair them with our quality Hairdressing shear parts kit. Keep your shears sharp and save money with easy-to-use replacement parts and detailed instructions.

  1. 150pcs White Plastic washers 50pcs in each size (7*5mm/7*4mm/6*4mm)
  2. 150pcs Black plastic washers 50pcs in each size (7*5mm/7*4mm/6*4mm)
  3. 150pcs Steel Washers 50pcs in each size (8*4mm/7*3mm/6*3mm)
  4. 300pcs rubber silencer 100pcs in each size (black 3.0mm/ black 2.5mm/ white 2.5mm)
  5. 100pcs screw silencer 50pcs in each size (2.5mm / 3.0mm)
  6. 100pcs black and rubber and screw silencer 50pcs in each size(2.5mm / 3.0mm)
  7. 100pcs finger rest 50pcs in each size(2.5mm / 3.0mm)


1500 Pcs lot hair Scissor Repair Parts Kit accessories including bumpers/finger rests/washer.

Are you looking to keep your scissors in top working condition? Hair Scissor Repair Parts Kit is the perfect solution for professional hair stylists and also for Professional sharpeners. Everything you need is the part of kit. There are different sizes available for each accessory item being use to repair most of your beauty shears and scissors. Basically items may vary in size as well as colour from the photograph. Included:

  • Replacement Rubber Bumper Silencers
  • Replacement Screw in Bumper Stoppers
  • Metal Gasket and White Plastic Washers
  • Removable Finger Rest / Tang Nail
  • Replacement Rubber and Knurled Screw Bumper

All of the parts in our kit are manufacture from high-quality materials and are design to fit a wide range of scissors. Our kit includes enough parts to service multiple pairs of scissors, making it a great value for salons and sharpening services.

Additionally, kit includes instructions and tips on “How to properly service and sharpen your scissors” for your convenience. With our Hairdressing shear parts, you can be sure that your scissors will be running smoothly and cutting with precision.

Equally recommended For Barber, Beauty, and Pet Grooming Scissors and Shears.

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