Our Scissor repair kit contains premium quality accessories. It will help professional Hair Stylist, Barber and Hair Dresser to deliver their best with minimum efforts. Scissors repair kit consist of replacement bumper manufactured with High quality stainless steel and rubber, available in different color and sizes. Rubber bumper stopper, Finger ring assorted, plastic washer, Nylon washer, Metal washer to go under knurled washer, Stainless steel washer double layer and single layer, Screw also found in scissors repair kit.

Sparkle soft ring insert scissors will give comfort to your fingers. Bumper – Stoppers for Hairdressing Scissors, Washers For Shears Finger Rest, Bumper caps, Small Rubber Washers, PVC washer, Scissors Half, Moon Style, Bumper Silencer also added in scissors repair kit to facilitate you in best way. Shears Lubricant Oil can be used to reduce friction between the scissor blades and make them easier to use. Different size scissor Pouches are also available to protect your scissors from environmental effects. Cleaning cloth will help you to clean the scissor blades after they have been sharpened or lubricated.